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Seaview Downs Primary School

Welcome to Seaview Downs Primary School, where for more than 50 years our focus has been inspiring students to think for themselves, take learning risks, act creatively and take responsibility for themselves and their world.

Seaview Downs has a reputation for motivated students, committed staff and highly interested parents and carers, and prides itself on the development of confident and conscientious young people who are equipped to take on challenges, act with integrity and make a difference to our community. Our size of approximately 300 students, from reception to year 6 enables us to know and nurture each individual.

We are an inclusive, welcoming and active community, committed to working in partnership with families to support the learning experience of all students and providing a foundation for our students to succeed both socially and academically.

The effectiveness of our teaching program can be seen in our confident, motivated students who are enthusiastic about their studies and well prepared for success in high school and life beyond, making Seaview Downs a fantastic place for your children to start their lifelong learning journey.




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Student Wellbeing at Seaview Downs Primary School

A key area of our focus is supporting students to develop emotional literacy,  resilience and responsible decision-making, which is facilitated through our ‘Interoception’ resources and wellbeing team. ‘Interoception’ is the very foundation of independent self-regulation and has a huge influence on mental health and social connection. Our well-being team operate within a dedicated Interoception space, a safe environment to support students in learning about self-regulation and emotional awareness. 

Our investment in these skills helps students learn to manage their feelings constructively, allowing them to develop social and emotional literacy and create and maintain positive social relationships with others and themselves.

Click here for more information on our Interoception programs and resources.

School Dates 2023

Term 1| 30th January → 14th April

Term 2| 1st May → 7th July

Term 3| 24th July → 29th September

Term 4| 16th October → 15th December

Major school upgrade announced

A $15 million upgrade has been announced for our school. Among the facility upgrades being considered are:

  • contemporary learning areas designed for collaboration and flexibility, to replace existing aged buildings
  • new administration areas.

The infrastructure project will provide our students world-class learning facilities. The upgrade comes in addition to the state government’s $1.3 billion investment into education infrastructure. For more information, click here to visit the Department for Education website.