Seaview Downs Primary School Council has an approved school dress code, that all students are expected to follow.  This requires the wearing of the Seaview Downs Primary School colours at all times.  These are maroon and navy, with gold as a trim or contrasting colour.

School logo items are preferred, and are available for purchase at the uniform shop (details at the bottom of the page) but garments may be purchased elsewhere, providing that they comply with the school colour code.

Tops: maroon polo shirts (long or short sleeved), maroon windcheater, maroon baseball jacket, navy polar fleece vest.
Bottoms: Navy tracksuit pants (without stripes), navy cargo pants, navy bootleg trousers (lycra or fleece), navy leggings, navy skirts, navy shorts, navy skorts. No denim   clothing is permitted.
Dresses: Navy and white checked dress, navy and gold checked pinafore (with detachable bib to make a skirt).
Hats: Maroon or navy legionnaire, slouch or bucket hats (min 6cm brim).
Shoes: Sensible footwear is to be worn at all times (enclosed heel and toe).
Undergarment items (designed to be seen): Plain (i.e. no lace) navy, maroon or gold.
Accessories (e.g. hair bands, scarves, beanies, gloves): Must be in navy or maroon.

Winter uniform

  • Maroon tunic windcheater (logo)
  • Maroon baseball jacket (logo)
  • Maroon or gold polo shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Navy polar fleece vest.
  • Navy track pants
  • Navy cargo pants
  • Navy bootleg pants (lycra or fleece)
  • Navy leggings.
  • Navy and gold checked pinafore

Summer uniform

  • Navy shorts
  • Navy skirts
  • Navy skorts
  • Maroon, navy and white checked dress
  • Maroon short sleeve polo shirt
  • Hats

Senior primary uniform

Year 6 and 7 students must adhere to the aforementioned policy, however the students are also permitted to wear year 6/7 senior tops.  Year 7 students are also allowed to wear the year 7 commemorative jumper.

Current uniform order form

Hat policy

Seaview Downs Primary School has a “No Hat, No Play” policy.  Students are required to wear a style of hat that protects the face, neck and ears i.e. broad brim (slouch or bucket) or legionnaire style in the school colours.

Hats must be worn when the UV rating is 3 or above during recess and lunchtimes and for all outdoor lessons.  Students without appropriate hats sit in designated shaded areas or in an inside space.

Children are encouraged to wear a hat to and from school, and to wear SPF 30+ or greater sun screen.


Jewellery should be kept to a minimum for safety reasons.  However, the following are accepted:

Earrings either small surgical steel studs or sleepers only.  No dangling earrings, flesh holes or spacers.  No other facial body piercing is permitted.
Watches and Medic Alert bracelets are permitted.
One small item of jewellery [either ring or bracelet or necklace] is permitted, if subtle and appropriate to the school context.  (As necklaces can be a safety issue for children who use play equipment, they are not recommended for students younger than Year 5).

Hair and make-up

We recommend that long hair be tied back for safety reasons.

While we do discourage the use of make-up at school, we do make some exemptions.  The following states our policy regarding make-up:

No eye make-up is to be worn.
Clear or a soft shade of lip gloss is permitted.
Only clear nail polish can be worn (strongly coloured polish is accepted on special days such as Sports Day and casual days).
Face make-up is not recommended for young skin.

Inappropriate clothing

The following items are inappropriate for normal school wear:

tank topsand cropped tops* short, tight skirts*; board shorts; sweat bands; brand name clothing with offensive graphic and/or wording*; denim jeans, denim shorts; thongs*
shoes with heels*

NB:  (clothing marked with an asterisk* cannot be worn on casual days or sports day, as these items do not fit the school’s Sun Protection Policy and are not suitable for physical activity).

Dress code regulations and exemptions

Education Department Regulation 77 on Dress Codes provides the following:

  • The right for school councils to determine school dress policy,
  • Consultation entitlements and processes, and
  • Enforcement obligations and exemption conditions.

As per departmental guidelines, parents/carers may seek exemptions from our dress code on the following grounds:

Religious, cultural or ethnic.
New student (to allow time to purchase).
Itinerant student.
Financial hardship.
Reasons of genuine medical or family sickness.

Compliance obligations

If an item of clothing is considered not to be in the spirit of the school’s dress code, the child will be asked by a staff member to remove the item [where practicable] and told not to wear it to school again.  Those wearing makeup will be directed to remove it.  Parents/carers will be contacted by letter or diary note from the teacher / deputy / principal, if the student persistently breaches the dress code.  Further discussions may be required if non-compliance persists.

If school uniform is not worn on school photo day or on an excursion day, the student will be given a clean shirt from the second hand supply for use on that day if an alternative arrangement cannot be made.

Dress code benefits

There are various benefits of having a school uniform and dress code, such as the reduction of peer pressure, its cost-effective nature and the sense of equity.  It also means that students are all in accordance with our sun protection policy, as all uniforms sold by our uniform shop meet this requirement.  Furthermore, on excursions safety is paramount.  The wearing of the school uniform is expected, as it helps to protect students by making them identifiable as members of our school.

Uniform shop

The Seaview Downs Primary School uniform shop provides many items of uniform that are of good quality and very reasonably priced.  The shop has full ranges of both summer and winter uniforms on sale, as well as other items such as school backpacks (two sizes available) and music/library satchel bags.

We ask that purchases from the school shop be your first choice, but you may purchase clothing from other sources provided that it is consistent with our school colours (maroon or gold tops, navy pants / leg wear).

Uniform shop hours
Tuesdays: 8.45am – 9.15am

The uniform shop is also open one day prior to start of new school year.  Please contact the school office for the specific day and time. Uniform can now be ordered online via the QKR! app.

Parent support is vital, and the uniform shop is managed and staffed by volunteers and comes under the direction of the School Council and the principal.  We endeavour to keep uniform items as affordable as possible.

  • Online ordering – Go to QKR! and login to your account.  Online ordering is available 24/7 and up to 4 weeks in advance, however, please note that the cut off for online orders is 9:15 am on the day of the order.  Details for creating an online account with our uniform shop are available through the link or through following these instructions.

Second hand clothing

The uniform shop keeps a small range of quality second hand clothing with school logo which may be purchased for a gold coin donation.  There is a give-away box of t-shirts and jumpers without logos, as well as pants and shorts.