Starting School

When your child is eligible to begin school will depend on their date of birth. From 2024, children who turn 5 years old:

  • before 1 May can start school in term 1
  • between 1 May and 31 October can start school in term 3 (mid-year intake)
  • after 31 October start the following year.



Temporary capacity management due to building works

Due to the current building works, we are unable to accept enrolments outside of the local area. In order to enrol at Seaview Downs Primary over the duration of the new build (2024/2025), our school must appear as the closest location to your residential address. Head to the below website and type in your home address into the search bar, Seaview Downs Primary must appear as the first school on the list in order to proceed with enrolment.

Registration of Interest

Reception starters: the process of enrolment begins in Term 1 of the preceding year, with families registering interest using the Registration of Interest form. Registration of Interest forms for term 1 2025 start must be lodged with the school by June 30th 2024, and term 3 2025 start by Monday 10th February 2025 either via email to or the school’s front office. Once the registration of interest form is processed, you will receive an enrolment offer by email from the following dates:

  • Enrolments for mid-year intake term 3 2024 – offers made from Monday 19th of February 2024
  • Enrolments for term 1 2025 – offers made from Monday 28th of July 2024
  • Enrolments for mid-year intake term 3 2025 – offers made from Monday 17th February 2025

Other year levels: for students transferring schools at any year level, the Registration of Interest form can be completed and returned at any time, with offers being made as soon as possible.