Learning Areas

At Seaview Downs Primary School, the primary years are captivating and challenging. In line with the Australian Curriculum, the subject areas within our primary school curriculum give students experience in language, mathematics, science, technology, human and social, physical, and creative education, building their skills and knowledge across a broad range of areas.

Specialty Learning Areas

  • Japanese – students learn to read, write and speak Japanese and to understand and appreciate Japanese culture, history and traditions through stories, writing and activities.
  • Performing Arts – Performing Arts encompasses the learning of music, dance and drama from reading and writing music to choreographing and learning dances and participating in self-made and pre-written plays and drama works. The performing arts curriculum encourages students to be fully self-expressed in a safe space, developing their confidence and curiosity as well as their understanding of performing arts. A biennial school concert performance showcases the students’ talents to the school community.
  • Health and Physical Education – students participate in a wide range of sporting activities during P.E. lessons and have the opportunity to join the many sports teams that operate outside of school hours. Health lessons educate our students about the importance of diet and regular physical activity, as well as holistic health rituals that impact overall well-being.
  • Library – students have weekly visits to the library, where they can access a large range of resources and borrow from our large collection of great reads.
  • Wellbeing & The Resilience Project – we are passionate about supporting students in developing social and emotional literacy, resilience and responsible decision-making, which is facilitated through our range of ‘Interoception’ resources. 


Our students have many opportunities to step into leadership positions. From Sports to Gardening to Well-being, there are many areas where students can make a positive contribution and actively participate in the development of our school culture.

  • House Captains – Year 6 students can apply to become a captain or vice-captain of one of the four school House Teams and co-ordinate sports day team activities and lead their house during sporting carnivals and events.
  • Community Connections representatives – are nominated across the year levels 3-6 to increase belonging and connectedness in the school community and foster the social-emotional well-being of all students.
  • Gardening Club Leaders – the gardening club meet weekly to cultivate our in-house garden beds, growing and tending to fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown and shared in the school community.
  • Sports Shed Monitors – responsible for the loaning out of sports equipment from the sports shed, which students are able to borrow in the mornings before school starts and return at lunchtime.
  • Library Monitors – help with administrative tasks in the library, and help to promote library-based events and engage students in a love of reading.