Principal’s Welcome

Seaview Downs Primary School is a proud and energetic school of 324 students from reception to year 7, with a reputation for motivated students, committed staff and highly interested parents, grand-parents and carers.

Our Vision statement is “Together Inquire Inspire – Our View for the Future”. This reflects the close community feel of the school, where students are well supported, staff work together and families are very much involved.

There is an educational emphasis on inquiry-based learning, which promotes problem solving, deeper thinking and genuine engagement in learning. We have recently upgraded our computing infrastructure and are rapidly increasing the integration of ICT and classroom use of laptops and iPads. A STEM Coordinator leads staff development and supports students to apply their digital technology skills to solve real life engineering problems in partnership with local industries.

Maximum effort is put into offering rich learning programs which support, challenge and extend all learners to achieve to the best of their abilities. Structured intervention programs support those students not meeting the DECD targets in numeracy and literacy.

The school priorities are:

  • Literacy and Numeracy, with targeted programs that support students at risk and that challenge those with high skill levels; a determined effort to increase learning achievement levels for all students.
  • Student Wellbeing with a clear focus on healthy eating, increased physical activity, anti-harassment and the development of our school’s core values: trust, confidence, responsibility, equality and self-worth. We also have a part-time Pastoral Support Worker. Play is the Way is the core of our social behaviour learning program.
  • Development of 21st century skills like researching, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, digital technology and applying these in authentic STEM projects

In 2017 a $1 million STEM facility was established on-site.

Whole-class choirs and instrumental music bands are strong features, while Japanese is the specialist language. Senior student programs include the Festival of Music, Pedal Prix and SAPSASA Sports.

The Governing Council is focused, positive and actively contributes to the achievement of many initiatives.

The Canteen exemplifies best practice and healthy eating and the Out of School Hours Care program is well supported.

Established in 1969, the school continues to provide a positive environment where new families are welcomed, everyone works well together, students are supported and all experience success.